Foryd Bridge, Rhyl

We supplied a variety of bespoke equipment for the Foryd Bridge Project, including 124 Colour Change lights were fitted to the underside of the footbridge. They are controlled in groups by a programmable RGB DMX Replay System and Power Supply unit – an assembly designed and built especially for this project. The control system allows the operator to pre select a light show from a programmed selection of 8 scenes as well as being able to re-program the system to create any other colour changing sequence. These effects include global colour changes, sequential colour changes, ripple effect colour changes etc. As well as being able to select a specific static colour wash if required. We also supplied over 100 UniLED MK4 Handrail Lights which were fitted to the handrails and ramps, 68 UniLED Street Lights were erected along the approaches to the bridge and across the car parking area and 8 bespoke UniLED Spot Lights were used to illuminate the bridge.

Watch the video HERE