bridge projects

Over the last five years, PLM have deployed their bridge lighting range in various projects across the United Kingdom, locations include, Blackpool Seafront, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, London and Torquay.

PLM is proud to have lit up some award winning bridges and to help create safer, well lit environments for local communities.

The UniLED Handrail light was chosen to illuminate the $6 million bridge across the railway tracks in La Roche-sur-Yon.

Recently showcased on the award winning Castleford Footbridge in West Yorkshire.

Torquay’s re-developed harbour and marina comes to life after dark with the UniLED handrail lights.

PLM Illumination Ltd recently completed the installation of innovative LED street lights on Acklam Bridge near Westbourne Park in London.

As one of many of London’s regeneration projects, PLM Illumination Ltd’s 74 LED handrail lights were used on the A40 Perryn Road, North Acton, pedestrian bridge.

We supplied 240 Mark 2 LED Hand Rail Lights to go into the 50mm Diameter handrails on Diglis Bridge in Worcester.

We supplied a variety of bespoke equipment for the Foryd Bridge Project. 124 Colour Change lights were fitted to the underside of the footbridge.

Back in 2007, PLM Illumination Ltd were commissioned to illuminate the Alfie Morland Footbridge in Hemel Hempstead.

PLM Illumination Ltd supplied over 100 UniLED MK2 24V LED Handrail Light fittings to illuminate the 44 metre span of the Irwell Footbridge in Manchester.

As part of a £1.5million scheme to regenerate a former factory site, the Jarrold Footbridge was illuminated by PLM in 2012.

PLM Illumination Ltd lit the Rosie Hackett bridge using bespoke LED light line and MK4 handrail lights.